WiFi Marketing Tool

Transform your guest WiFi into a powerful WiFi marketing tool

Directly to your WiFi network

WiFi marketing is a smart and efficient marketing tool that can be connected directly to your WiFi network. Lets start now!

  • Customer Profiling
  • Gathering Reviews
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Care
  • Real Time Communication

Make your free Wifi Market for you

How it Works

Plug in your WiFi box:

Plug the Wifi into your existing Wifi router using the provided cables.

Turn on the power:

Wait for 5 minutes while your WiFi prepares itself.

Get Connected:

Connect it to your network and test out your guest WiFi login.

Put your free WiFi at work, All on Auto Pilot


To connect to your WiFi your customers will need to log in with a social media account or via custom form.


You gain access to in-depth information about WiFi users and a set of tools to analyze the data.


Build customer loyalty program, do re-marketing campaigns and encourage more visits to increase ROI with WiFi marketing.

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