Bluetooth/Beacon Marketing

With the beginning of mobile technology advancement, the significance of mobile marketing can’t be undermined. In today’s fast paced world, wherein people have dearth of time, everyone prefer mobile as a medium to do all sort activities. Therefore, advertising tools such as Bluetooth/Beacon marketing comes real handy.

Bluetooth/Beacon marketing is an effective and unique way to market products and services to prospects or customers with location relevance. It is part of a larger domain of marketing known as proximity marketing or location based marketing. This is also called ‘hyperlocal marketing’ which involves marketing at the right time, at the right place, with appropriate and personalized notifications.

The fundamental principle of Bluetooth/Beacon marketing is same as direct marketing just the way to deliver information has been changed. It allows fast and safe delivery of content (text, animations, audios, videos, etc.) to users with an option to select or reject the same. This feature doesn’t make it encroaching like SMS messages and TV commercials. In other words, Bluetooth/Beacon marketing is a very comfortable advertising channel for customers. Not only that, Bluetooth/Beacon marketing is quite inexpensive in terms of money and time in order to reach right audience.

This platform allows brands to instantly get in touch with prospects in nearest localities such as malls, airports, cinemas, food courts, etc. which provides more impulsive and direct interface. Brands can easily leverage their unique selling / value proposition to create ‘WAO’ factor in order to motivate them to visit over & again which eventually augment ROI.

This marketing tool require prospects / consumers’ participation as a result it is highly result oriented, selective and value for them.


  • Smooth and direct delivery of content to target audience.
  • Interaction at the right place, at the right time.
  • Rich and interactive communication.
  • Easy way to showcase offers by providing personalized adverts.
  • Effective method to influence purchase decision of customers in immediate future.
  • Reinforce trust factor by understanding customer’s wants & needs and buying behavior patterns.

How it Works

Bluetooth/Beacon marketing operates on wireless technology to reach target audience nearby your establishment with direct response message. As the wireless devices of prospect virtually come near the proximity of brand’s establishment that are equipped with Bluetooth Media Server, they get connected automatically. This medium allow rich content distribution such as mobile ads, videos, animated ads, and applications to mobile phones, laptops etc.

  • Step 1: Prospect passes by to close proximity of your establishment.
  • Step 2: Receives a message notification on the device.
  • Step 3: Prospect accepts message
  • Step 4: Take buying action

Successful imprints of brands

Krispy Kreme ran a Bluetooth marketing campaign interestingly enough to create brand awareness and customer loyalty which turned out to be a huge success by generating 48,000+ downloads with a fortnight.

Another, example is of Pot Noodle, they did a campaign to “refresh a saturated strong brand” wherein free branded game was pushed to download which as a result created a viral effect and they successful got 95,000 plus downloads within 4 weeks.

Similarly, Lynx (a body spray brand) successfully ran a Bluetooth marketing campaign to promote its new pocket sized spray. The campaign was organized in a university campus and got 500+ downloads per day.

These case studies undoubtedly affirms the effectiveness of Bluetooth marketing that it is a unique marketing medium, has enormous potential if planned and executed well. This is a meticulous method for customers to have all offer information at their fingertips which means minimal random search or window shopping and enable more informed buying decision.

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