SMS Short Codes

Dataslices provides easy to remember 4 to 6 digits mobile number to send & receive messages

Dataslices provides easy to remember 4 to 6 digits mobile number to send & receive messages & to enable enterprises to build their brand recognition & offers value added services to build a constant stream of revenue. We offer cutting edge, state of the art, 2 way premium SMS application (including short codes) to all small and big organizations.
We Provide Short Codes Services in KSA, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, USA and Canada. Dedicated Short Codes Services & Starting from US$ 200

We have SMS Gateway application (SMS Plus) solution to address all kind of short code transactions which can handle simultaneously 1000’s of short codes with multiple SMSC’s seamlessly.

We offer dedicated short codes as well as shared short code as per your business needs.. it is as easy as 3535

We provide short codes for the following countries:

KSA  | Kuwait  | UAE | Egypt | Qatar | Oman | Bahrain | USA | Canada

To get short code in different country not listed above, please send email to

SMS SHORT CODES SERVICE in UAE ( Etisalat , DU), Starting from US$ 200
SMS SHORT CODES SERVICE in KUWAIT (Zain, Wataniya), Starting from US$ 350
SMS SHORT CODES SERVICE in OMAN (Oman Mobile, Nawras), Starting from US$ 250
SMS SHORT CODES SERVICE in BHARIAN (Batelco, Zain BH, VIVA), Starting from US$ 300
SMS SHORT CODES SERVICE in QATAR (Q-Tel, Vodafone Qatar), Starting from US$ 300
SMS SHORT CODES SERVICE in EGYPT (Mobinil, Vodafone), Starting from US$ 250
SMS SHORT CODES SERVICE in USA (7-Eleven, AT&T, Sprint nextel), Starting from US$ 550
SMS SHORT CODES SERVICE in CANADA (Bell Mobility, &-Eleven, Cityfone), Starting from US$ 550

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SMS Long Code Services

Long code is also known as Virtual Mobile Number, Virtual SMS number or Long Number. Due to its low cost, it is useful for long term campaigns. Datsslices provides unique long code/virtual number service that allows two-way global communications through sms.

Customer can receive their incoming messages in their emails and over the internet globally without any changes in rate. With long-code service, enterprises are empowered with two-way messaging /sms capabilities using the familiar 10 digit mobile number.

Our few application that can be used on Long Code:

  • Competition & Voting
  • Product feedback or promotions
  • Globally available number for international companies
  • 2-Way communication with sales force, Engineers and suppliers
  • SMS Chat service
  • Normal SMS charges to sender as compared to Short Code

Our Long Code Features

  • User friendly GUI control panel to view messages
  • Customizable welcome or reply message
  • No limit for incoming messages
  • Forwarding of messages to email or other number at minimal charges
  • Export responses to your desired format like Excel, PDF
  • Normal SMS charges to sender as compared to Short Code

SMS Hubs (Advanced GSM Modem for Long Code)

SMS Hubs

Where urgent and critical sms messaging is required to a large database or multi-large databases, our software intelligence coding allows group hub usb gsm interface units to be used in configurations to the speed required by the client to the size of the clients databases.

All SMS systems require:

  • No Internet connectivity
  • No Telephone connectivity
  • No Electrical power connectivity

Example four stack usb hub high speed sms system

Example four stack usb hub high speed sms system

An example four bank rack stacked hub system of 4 x usb gsm interface units delivering high speed output sms messages for large databases – this example 4 port hub high speed system will deliver approximately 50 sms messages per minute. larger design hub systems can further increase the sms speed to any speed ratio requirements of clients.

Standard system

Standard system



SMS over gprs is 95% resilient to sms network overloads or sms shut-down on gsm.

SMS over 3g ( virtual private network-ultra high speed sms)

SMS over 3g ( virtual private network-ultra high speed sms)

High performance resilient speed SMS text

High performance resilient speed SMS text high performance resilient sms means that even if the networks (go down) you the client will still be able to sms message to mobile phones locally, nationally and worldwide.

High performance resilient sms messaging does not operate in the public sector of sms messaging, therefore making it unique in being able to send sms messages at all times, including the time that a network has gone down.

High performance resilient sms messaging


  • Cell media (one-on-one sms messaging), its quick
  • Group send (Single database or Multiple database messaging) send 1 or 100 or more at the click of your mouse to as many database as you wish.
  • A receipt proof of delivery & time is received back to your computer for every SMS received on recipients phones.
  • Mobile 2-way sms (send & receive) on your desktop, PC or Laptop.
  • Powerful search engine for historical send & receive messages.
  • Full historical audit trial.
  • SMS mail integrates with outlook.
  • Can be installed on any number of workstations on the network.

Message Log & Gateway

Message Log & Gateway A detailed historical audit trail & message search engine is an integral part of the software. message logs shows and records all sms traffic on sent & received messages including the confirmation date & time when each sms message is received on recipients cell phones.

SMS messages that are not delivered as the recipients mobile phone is turned off, will be shown as *no confirmation* in message logs. but, as soon as the message is received on the recipients phone, the confirmation date & time received will be shown to each sms delivery, thus providing *peace of mind* to when messages are received and not received on recipients mobile phones.

Outgoing sms messages receive confirmation time and date of when the message is received on the recipients cell phone.

The Gateway

The Gateway

Our unique gateway software (with no internet or telephone line connectivity) supplies full management data *live* to the message logs page. there is no third party involvement to your databases or data. the system is totally secure against infiltration or attack.

SMS Marketing Solutions

#1 Targeted SMS Solution

Solutions for all kinds of SMS requirements. Bulk SMS, SMS Database, SMS GatewaySMPP ServerAPI, Reseller PanelSMS Short codeSMS Long Code.

SMS Gateway Services

Dataslices is market leader in providing premium, most updated database for SMS marketing and SMS Gateway Services. Dataslices has done thousands of successful targeted SMS campaigns with the help of meticulously prepared premium databases.

SMS Marketing

Dataslices is providing SMS Marketing Solutions in Dubai, UAE, Qatar, other Gulf countries and around the globe, at very affordable rates. Our SMS marketing will surely boost your sales.

Bulk SMS Marketing

In case you are planning bulk SMS marketing campaigns for your business or bulk Email campaigns, then we are there to provide perfect solutions for you. Dataslices is leading company to run your Bulk SMS Campaigns. We are there to offer you the very best Bulk SMS Marketing Services.

SMS Gateway

We offer SMS Gateway services to our clients in gulf and all over the world. Just you are required to get your web site or applications hooked with our HTTP or SMPP APIs and you will get very effective, secure delivery of your text messages at very suitable rates.

SMS Gateway Provider

Our SMS Gateway is a very exclusive Short Message Service (SMS) messaging instrument . It allows two way inter acting messaging capabilities with your client over GSM networks for website applications.

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