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Connect with customers & build personal relationships

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How WhatsApp Business Solution Works

Dataslices WhatsApp Business solution allow consumers to interact with businesses through WhatsApp messaging to ask questions, customer support, make purchases and get help etc

Customer care



Customer Care & Conversational Commerce

Customer care messages are responses to customer-initiated conversations on WhatsApp. They enable you to:

  • Resolve issues one-on-one with private conversation
  • Connect with your customers instantly
  • Communicate with your customers and sell your product/services


Notifications are business initiated, templated messages that can be sent any time. They enable you to:

  • Deliver important, timely messages during your customer path to purchase
  • Continue the conversation with customers who respond to your notif...
  • Choose from 10 message templates across the customer journey


You can transfer your customer at any time from customer support call to live WhatsApp chat.

  • Skip the waiting que and start conversation to avoid bad customer exper...
  • Messaging are 2 to 4 times more efficient then a voice call
  • Better experience with rich content over WhatsApp messaging

Why the Dataslices WhatsApp Business Solution

Dataslices WhatsApp Business solution allow consumers to interact with businesses through WhatsApp messaging to ask questions, customer support, make purchases and get help etc. Business can also reach out to the customers to send alerts, important notifications, order confirmation, updates etc. Our integrated solution with WhatsApp gives brands reach to 1.3 billion consumers who use the popular messaging app around the world.

With the AI capabilities of Dataslices platform, you can ensure that WhatsApp conversations along with all other messaging conversations (FB messenger, Google, Line, SMS, Website & App), deliver the best possible outcomes for your customers and your brand.

Platform Features

Connect with Customers and Build Personal Relationships

Human/Bot Agent

Make Human Agent and Bot Agent working together for better customer experience.


Rich branding and secure engagements with WhatsApp.

Website & App

Start messaging conversations directly from the website & App.


Make interacting with you as easy as talking to friends or family.

Template Builder

With Chat bot template builder Create an automation from a basic or advanced use case template and customize it to suit your needs.

Conversations & Integrations

Write once, run many automates, conversations & integrations for WhatsApp can be used for other messaging apps.

Conversation Manager

Conversation manager able you to manage your agent and manger dashboard.

Smart Routing

Smart routing allow you to route the chat to specific department or the first available agent.

WhatsApp Business Registration

Business can register there customer care number (mobile/landline) with WhatsApp Business. The process will take 3 to 4 weeks. After registration business name will come with green verified tick.


Reporting Analytics

  • Real-time intent recognition
  • Response Time
  • Date and Time Reporting
  • Agent Performance
  • Agent vs Boot Performance
  • Chanel vise Reporting
  • View dashboards based on intent volume and trends
  • Compare performance of your agents to automations & bots

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