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Targeted SMS marketing

Dataslices provides flexible SMS solution to the clients ranging from big corporate & multinational companies, advertising & media agencies, small retail vendors, to individuals and students.

Leading SMS Marketing Service. Perfect For all Your SMS Marketing needs. SMS Marketing Service with Dataslices. SMS Marketing is a powerful way to reach your target audience in Dubai, UAE.

Targeted SMS marketing on Dataslices Database

Dataslices is market leader in providing premium, most updated database for SMS marketing.

Dataslices has done hundreds of successful targeted SMS campaigns on our premium databases. Start your campaign now

Our bulk SMS analysts are experts; they know the importance of targeting your message to the right audiences. Our targeted SMS marketing includes:

Bulk SMS broadcast on Client’s Database

To Broadcast SMS campaigns on client’s database, we use the most compatible platform for any format of data. We broadcast your message at your given time. Our automated system filters your database and sends only to the correct number & you pay only for the delivered messages. We do provide real time reporting to the client.

Targeted SMS marketing on Dataslices Database

Dataslices helps you to generate new business leads by sending your message on our profiled, most accurate Middle East business & individuals data. Provide us your required audience group details & leave the rest on us to find best contacts for you. We will determine which people are most likely to respond to your offer. Required target audience can be selected for all GCC countries.

Dataslices offers B2B & B2C targeting with premium & non-premium as below:

Business to Consumers (B2C)

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Home Owners
  • Income Level
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Country
  • City
  • Area
  • Marital status

Business to Business (B2B)

  • Big Businesses
  • Businesses Professionals
  • Executive by Ethnic surname
  • Female business owners & Professionals
  • Small Business owners

Premium Databases:

Select from our most refined & current Databases to reach most accurate & potential audiences. Selecting from premium databases you will be able to select group of audiences based on:

  • Country
  • City
  • Area
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Marital status
  • Income Level
  • Home owners
  • Executives
  • Interests
  • Religion
  • Expatriates

Non-Premium Databases:

Select from our generalize databases you can reach spread your message to specific country, city or to general public. selecting non-premium will allow you to select people based on:

  • Country
  • City
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Income Level
  • Expatriates

Our process of Building databases

Collecting Database from reliable sources such as

  • International Data Suppliers such as Kompass, Salesgenie, infousa etc
  • National Data Suppliers
  • Credit data Suppliers
  • Sector specialists

Cleaning, De-Duplicating & Integrating

  • Our experts perform this vital step for building data with correct values. This process
    involves validating cities, address, postal codes, phone and fax numbers
  • De-duplication process is done using of state of the art software based on email addresses


  • The purpose of profiling is to deliver right message to right people.
  • The process before using the data that to determine where it can be used.
  • Improving the ability for the data to search the data by keywords, description or assigning it to a specific category.
  • Generate metrics on data quality & quantity where it perform particular standards & patterns.

To know more about our updated B2C & B2B (premium & non-premium) databases count, please contact us on phone, email or through our online inquiry form

Build your own Campaign Module (Live Database Server)

Dataslices offers you unique state of art Database server with live threads. You can select and execute end number of campaigns with wide range of filters.See below some of the major steps from our server which shows how you can build your campaign & send messages automatically.

Select your Region & login to build your own campaign:

How will you be using your leads:

Selecting country and region:

Selecting Age group & Marital status:

Summary after selecting from large number of option to refine your database.

To know more about our SMS solutions & services, please contact our sales here.

SMS Marketing Solutions

#1 Targeted SMS Solution

Solutions for all kinds of SMS requirements. Bulk SMS, SMS DatabaseSMS GatewaySMPP ServerAPI, Reseller PanelSMS Short codeSMS Long Code.

SMS Gateway Services

Dataslices is market leader in providing premium, most updated database for SMS marketing and SMS Gateway Services. Dataslices has done thousands of successful targeted SMS campaigns with the help of meticulously prepared premium databases.

SMS Marketing

Dataslices is providing SMS Marketing Solutions in Dubai, UAE, Qatar, other Gulf countries and around the globe, at very affordable rates. Our SMS marketing will surely boost your sales.

Bulk SMS Marketing

In case you are planning bulk SMS marketing campaigns for your business or bulk Email campaigns, then we are there to provide perfect solutions for you. Dataslices is leading company to run your Bulk SMS Campaigns. We are there to offer you the very best Bulk SMS Marketing Services.

SMS Gateway

We offer SMS Gateway services to our clients in gulf and all over the world. Just you are required to get your web site or applications hooked with our HTTP or SMPP APIs and you will get very effective, secure delivery of your text messages at very suitable rates.

SMS Gateway Provider

Our SMS Gateway is a very exclusive Short Message Service (SMS) messaging instrument . It allows two way inter acting messaging capabilities with your client over GSM networks for website applications.

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