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Dataslices filters your prospect customers for you and gives you more qualified leads faster. Get Quality Leads

Lead Generation Specialists

Lead generation is a marketing process of exploring and capturing prospect customers for a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline. The process uses different potential marketing strategies, primarily digital channels and keeps involving advanced techniques to capture high quality leads faster.

Lead Generation Cycle

Lead Generation Specialists in Dubai

Dataslices filters your prospect customers for you and gives you more qualified leads faster. It involves its latest digital techniques and specialized direct marketing strategies to bring hot leads for its clients. Lead generation is a marketing process & we used SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, WhatsApp Marketing, Proximity Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Radio Advertisement to generate qualified leads in UAE.

Strategies we recommend for lead generation:

SMS Marketing

  • Database: We shall send your message directly to a selected audience out of our profiled, most accurate business and individuals’ data.
  • Cell Broadcast: By using our Location-Based-Service we shall broadcast your SMS specifically to people in a particular selected group/ location only.
  • Roamers SMS: We shall track new arrivals and target users arriving from/to a destination of our choice by sending SMS when roamers service is activated.
  • Short / Long Code: We shall send and receive SMS for a personalized lead generation SMS campaign through 4 to 6 digits mobile number.

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Email Marketing

  • Bulk Email: We shall send your emails out to our selected audience out of our profiled, most accurate business and individuals’ data.
  • Social Email: We shall send direct personalized emails to your target audience and allow them to share the email with their friends on all social media platforms.

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WhatsApp Marketing

We can send various promotional messages, picture, pamphlet, brochure, audio and video efficiently on unlimited number of contacts to generate direct leads through WhatsApp marketing.

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Proximity Marketing

We shall generate leads by spreading your message through sending audio, video, image or text file to the people present in the close proximity of the strategically targeted location.

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Social Media Marketing

We shall make your brand go viral and target millions of users to create instant leads through our highly customized social media marketing solution.

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It is important to place relevant and useful information on online platform to keep the potential leads informed about your product/service. We take care of this by:

  • Creating blogs against related and the most searched keywords
  • Creating blogs at different blogging platforms
  • Placing the relevant content from website or other sources to boost SEO
  • Updating the blogs regularly to keep your product/ service up

Website Refurbishment

We give a complete makeover to your website design and development by improving it from different strategic aspects and optimize your website to make it ever-ready to capture leads.

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We offer a complete web-based solution to maximize the existence of your product/ service online by creating SEO friendly microsites to fully support your main website and track leads from wider spectrum.

Search Engine Optimization

We increase the ranking of your website or any online page of your brand and spread your existence against all strategic key words to bring qualified traffic to the desired page.

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Publisher Network

A highly organized and classified publisher network by Dataslices connects you with more than 5000 publishers of various kinds around the globe to give a maximum and optimum coverage to your brand and generate hot leads.

  • The fastest growing network creating success milestones
  • Combination of selected quality inventory and state of art technology platform to ensure ROI
  • The only network that work as partner not just a technology platform

Tracking Platform

Dataslices provides you with the most trusted and reliable online platform to track all your online/ digital marketing campaigns, for instance, re-targeting and re-marketing campaigns. We have an amazing set of tools that gives you control of every aspect in your account with extremely attractive and user-friendly apps, that makes us first choice of majority of brands.

Tracking Platform

We generate leads for your business by offering a complete service solution for Retargeting on Facebook and offer the lowest CPMs in the retargeting industry coupled with extremely high conversion rates leading to unbeatable ROI.

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