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First-class customer service with messaging

Engage your customers before, during and after their trip with ancillary promotions and sales, travel alerts, and customer service.

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more booking conversions with personalized customer chats.


faster customer service when chat apps are implemented.

75% +

monthly average First Contact Resolution rate (FCR).

Manage the travel journey


Over 70% of travelers prefer to be notified by messaging. Send relevant updates, such as flight alerts, lost luggage information, welcome messages and early check-in.

Boost your Facebook and Instagram ads with the click-to-WhatsApp feature to personalize sales and increase bookings.

Virtual Concierge
From airlines to hospitality, virtual concierge services are booming. Hotels that have installed chat-powered virtual concierges have seen a 12% increase in revenue per room.

Customer service for travelers
Digitize your helpdesk with messaging to handle refunds, cancellations, changes and more.

Flexible solutions for travels


Omnichannel Platforms
Manage your clients’ inquiries on WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger and SMS via intuitive platforms that do not need deep technical integration.

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Conversations API
Use the platform-agnostic Conversations API to integrate into your contact center, customer support and/or CRM systems.

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Connect your systems
Accelerate implementation with our pre-built integrations for Shopify, Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics and more.

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Answer common questions quicker by either creating your own low-code chatbot, or by integrating your existing chatbot with our Conversations API.

Made for Travel & Hospitality

Get inspired on how messaging solutions help your business across the travel journey.


Increase travel bookings.

  • Click-to-WhatsApp ads
  • Marketing outreach
  • Travel tips
  • Personalized travel concierge
  • Trip availability requests
  • Pre-trip information
  • Booking information

The trip

Provide all the info travelers need during their trip.

  • Check-in
  • Flight alerts
  • Boarding passes
  • Itinerary information
  • Welcome messages
  • Bag collection
  • Order changes and cancellations


Support your customers and increase loyalty.

  • Refund request handling
  • Feedback and loyalty programs
  • Rebooking
  • Customer support

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