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Dataslices is the leading TikTok advertising agency. When it comes to running TikTok marketing campaigns, our expert team knows how to make your brand stand out. Reach your company goals and take your brand to the next level by partnering with our premier TikTok advertising agency!
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TikTok is currently the most downloaded social media app in history. The new social media platform is the #1 way to engage the millions of 16-34 year olds who make up over 77% of TikTok’s user base.

Our team at Dataslices, the leading TikTok advertising agency, specializes in helping businesses create and run high-quality, high-performance ads on TikTok. With our high partnership levels with Facebook, Google Ads, and Amazon, and a track record of success, there is no better choice than Dataslices for your TikTok marketing needs.

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What Our TikTok Advertising Agency Will Do For You

Whether you’re looking to drive traffic, increase sales, or even boost app downloads, Dataslices will provide you with the best solutions to target your ideal customers. Our TikTok advertising agency will help you get the ROI that you want while scaling your campaigns appropriately and efficiently.

Create Mass Awareness:  We will create brand awareness for your target audience while getting guaranteed placement in positions within a TikTok feed or within the mainframe of the app. Everyone should know about your brand!

Increase Video Views: Dataslices will promote your business or launch your product using expertly crafted, 6 to 60-second videos on TikTok. These video views often lead to even more organic brand discovery.

Drive App Installs: We will make it simple for your ideal users to discover and download your app, sending them directly to Android or the App Store. Our high-quality content will prompt conversions and have users excited to experience your app.

Improve App Engagement: We’ll create top-notch display ads to put in front of users who already have your app so we can help promote new and different features.

Boost Website Conversion: High-quality, quick, and engaging videos will draw your ideal customers in. Coupled with calls to action like “Shop now,” TikTok users will be enabled to take the actions you want.

Grow Clicks to Website: Through our targeted TikTok advertisements, we’ll make sure your site sees more traffic by sending people to any landing page on your website.

Why Do You Need To Harness the Power of TikTok Ads?


TikTok Revenue to Date

$247.6 Million

Daily TikTok Views

1 Billion

Average Daily Time Spent on TikTok

52 minutes

Monthly Active U.S. Users

26.5 Million

Users on TikTok >1 Time Per Day


TikTok’s Average Engagement Rate


What You Get With

Our Expert TikTok Advertising Agency

Expert TikTok Media Buyers

Our team members are experts in TikTok advertising and will oversee all aspects of your campaign including account management, creating and targeting ads and leading your team.

Top-Notch Designers and Video Editors

We have top talent creating your TikTok content, so you know your brand will be represented well. Our creative team will produce fantastic video content to drive TikTok users to your products.

Dedicated Marketing Analysts
Keeping track of your metrics and performance helps us understand what new opportunities we have and how to improve. Our professional will sure to reach and beat our goals!

Top Brands
are Flocking to
TikTok Advertising

TikTok is a video-based platform allowing users to view and create short-form videos that are easily digestible and discoverable. There is lots of organic value on the social media platform right now, giving TikTok advertisers immense opportunity for fast growth.

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