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Implement Dataslices communications tools for efficient, personalized patient communications.

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Scale Patient Communications


Appointment management
In addition to appointment reminders, enable patients to easily book or reschedule new appointments in moments with WhatsApp, Viber, SMS and more.

Health virtual assistant
Help patients navigate, often confusing, hospital layouts with maps and directions. Send useful updates like current waiting times, safety information, and more.

Lab results
Send notifications when lab results are ready with secure end-to-end encryption.

Remote diagnosis
Remote interactions make it easy for patients to quickly get care through images and audio clips, especially now in Covid-19 times.

Enable Patient Conversations in a Cinch


Omnichannel Support Platform
Enable your reception desk and even doctors to handle inquiries, questions and appointment requests with WhatsApp, Viber, SMS, Facebook Messenger and more – all in one support platform.

Conversations API
Do you already have a healthcare system up and running? Integrate your preferred channels with our platform-agnostic Conversations API.

FAQ Chatbots
Create a chatbot to answer common questions without any effort from your employees.


One place for all your chats

Leverage Dataslices Conversations Inbox to manage your chats in every channel. Integrate chatbots and your CRM to contextualize every interaction.

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