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More orders, easy reservations, simple pickup

Increase sales through message based order taking, reservation handling and easy pick & collect via channels like WhatsApp.

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Grocery stores have been around forever, but their services are moving into the future to compete with e-tailers and delivery. Our platforms help their curbside pickup operations run seamlessly, notifying customers of pickup times, out-of-stock items and replacement products.

Get out of lockdown-mode


Covid-19 Challenges
Most countries worldwide enacted strict regulations for restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Serving less people in your business, means you need to find innovative ways to connect with more customers. Messaging can help you minimize the impact the pandemic has on your business. Receive reservation requests, send information about your business, take orders, and even manage the digital queue of people waiting for an open table.

Contactless Order Automation
Intelligent chatbots can help you automate the order taking process without your customers having to download a menu or making a call to order.

Scaleable FAQ/Info Bot
Let a chatbot do the heavy work for you while you concentrate on the more challenging questions for your business. Customer questions like opening hours, current menus (daily specials), allergens information, and other repetitive answers can be handled by a chatbot that always answers.

Reservation Handling

Handle reservation requests, changes, and cancellations from customers on the messaging channels your customers are using daily.

Order Taking

Make ordering as simple as sending your business a message. And let customers know once their dish is ready for pick & collect or will be delivered.

Queue Management

Smarten up your queue management by informing customers with a notification once their table is ready, so your business doesn’t loose valuable time.

Take orders frictionless


Order Bot
Start with our out-of-the-box solution and customize it with your menu, opening hours, address details, and more. Pre-configured conversation flows give you the freedom to start almost instantly with a pilot. Add your custom flows based on your specific needs.

Chatbot + AI
Our powerful chatbot solution offers out-of-the-box pre-sets that can be easily configured to fit your business needs. Machine learning and NLP (natural language processing) enable the chatbot to learn and answer common questions automatically.

Payments & POS Integration
Our integration partner offers over 150+ payment methods and currencies for a seamless payment experience. External APIs allow you even to connect with your POS systems.

Flexible solutions to fit your needs


Omnichannel Platforms
Manage your clients’ inquiries on WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger and SMS via intuitive platforms that do not need deep technical integration.

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Conversations API
Use the platform-agnostic Conversations API to integrate into your contact center, customer support and/or CRM systems.

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Connect your systems
Accelerate implementation with our pre-built integrations for Shopify, Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics and more.

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Answer common questions quicker by either creating your own low-code chatbot, or by integrating your existing chatbot with our Conversations API.

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Dataslices out-of-the-box solution lets you start in less than 5 days. So you can worry about other things, while your communication just works.

What do you need?

Let us know what you need and we’ll reach out to you with answers on how to get started with your chatbot solution.

Integration & Setup

Once we know what your business requirements are, your solution is being setup to your needs.


You can start small or big – that’s up to you! Test internally, iterate and improve your solution – and go live.

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