Boost student recruitment and engagement

Digitize your student communications for recruitment, applications, enrollment FAQs and daily services.

Lets Grow Online

Leverage education with digital communications


Massive reach
Create and schedule outbound marketing campaigns to proactively start a conversation with your clients via the campaigns module. Send product and event information, promotions, special greetings, and more.

Customer profiles
Create customer profiles and segmentation for targeted campaigns.

Real-time reporting
Analyze your marketing efforts with real-time reports and interactive dashboards as basis for measurable campaigns.

Flexible solutions to fit your needs


Omnichannel Platforms
Manage your clients’ inquiries on WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger and SMS via intuitive platforms that do not need deep technical integration.

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Conversations API
Use the platform-agnostic Conversations API to integrate into your contact center, customer support and/or CRM systems.

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Connect your systems
Accelerate implementation with our pre-built integrations for Shopify, Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics and more.

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Answer common questions quicker by either creating your own low-code chatbot, or by integrating your existing chatbot with our Conversations API.

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Get inspired about how messaging solutions help your customer journey.

Flexible Integrations

Choose the Conversations API or the Conversations Inbox – it’s up to you.

Round the Clock Support

You get all the help you need during and after onboarding – 24/7/365.

High Security Standards

We take security and privacy seriously and are GDPR compliant.

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