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This freedom and unlimited categorization make Discord a good choice for marketers.

Five ways to use Discord to market your business

This freedom and unlimited categorization make Discord a good choice for marketers. It allows them to create servers with many different channels where fans and potential leads alike can discuss all aspects of a product.

1. Build a moderated community

Apart from internal communications, you can create a Discord server as a moderated social discussion platform. Create different channels depending on what your target audience might like to discuss. And let them bond together. Create a text channel to discuss books, movies or adventures, whatever seems relevant to your business and target audience. You can even start a voice/video channel if needed. And as your community grows, the popularity of your business will spread too. Word-of-mouth Marketing is still powerful. Check how Buy Me a Coffee created a community on Discord

2. Find new channels with like-minded individuals

Along with building your community, you can also meet other like-minded individuals in different Discord servers. It’s easy to find relevant servers once you know what you’re looking for. Ask your team members, check with your community, and join those groups. There, you’ll meet other business owners and grab opportunities for collaborations. And it will also help you get your products and services to more people from your target audience.

3. Share articles and relevant industry content

Yes, you can use Discord to share your website articles and other updates from your industry. As all employees are connected on a single server, you can leverage their social media presence. They’ll share the articles on other Discord servers and their personal social media profiles to increase its reach. It will help you develop authority among your target audience.

4. Post branded memes and image-based content

Posting branded memes, GIFs and funny screenshots are yet another way to market your business. And Discord could be mighty helpful. It’s more like a chat app, and it’s independent of any algorithm. So, whenever you post any content on your business server or the community server, every member will get it. So, design relevant (and share-worthy) memes and share them on Discord. Also Read: Use Giphy to grow your brand or business

5. Offer quick customer service

And at last, use a dedicated Discord server to handle customer complaints. People want quick service, and since Discord messages come in real-time, you can address the concerns right away. You can easily send direct messages and have private conversations with the members. And you can also use Zapier to connect Discord to other customer service media you use.

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