Curbside Pickup

COVID-19 is not only pushing us to change how we do business, it’s redefining how customers will shop moving forward. When the world changes, we must adapt.

As businesses try to stay open during COVID-19, safety quickly became a point of concern. With a simple, out-of-the-box buy online, pick up curbside solution you can quickly regain control of your business, deliver products and smiles to your customers safely, and keep your delivery experience high-touch.

How Curbside Pickup Works

Parking pickup works a lot like home delivery. You select a list of products you’d like to order, add them to your online shopping cart, then Pick at available time slot OR Contact store when reach at Parking.

The process of getting your order is a bit different than delivery but requires no face-to-face interactions or close proximity to other people:

  1. Pull up your car to a designated parking spot.
  2. Contact the pickup provider to let them know you’ve arrived.
  3. A delivery agent brings your groceries and loads them into your car.
  4. Pay, say your thanks, and drive off.

To know more about our Curbside Pickup solutions , please contact our sales here.

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