Drive business growth at your car dealership

Digitize customer interactions with messaging for car service alerts, test drive appointments, car sales and promotions, and more.

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Sell and service cars, digitally


Increase sales

Receive customer requests about new or used cars, share images and videos to boost interest, answer inquiries right away and leverage test-drive leads. Replace or complement calls and emails with WhatsApp & co. for quicker customer conversions.

Make your customers loyal to your dealership
Use messaging to service your customers. Give them updates on car repairs and when to pick up the car, whether the vehicle needs new parts, and share appointments, budgets, invoices and more in one place.

Personalized offers and events
Reach out to long term clients with promotional offers and loyalty programmes.

Promote new models, deals and more
Everyone loves a good promotion! Get your customers excited about upcoming models, used car deals, new catalogues – and connect them with sales to convert the lead.

Flexible solutions to fit your needs


Omnichannel Platforms
Manage your clients’ inquiries on WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger and SMS via intuitive platforms that do not need deep technical integration.

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Conversations API
Use the platform-agnostic Conversations API to integrate into your contact center, customer support and/or CRM systems.

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Connect your systems
Accelerate implementation with our pre-built integrations for Shopify, Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics and more.

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Answer common questions quicker by either creating your own low-code chatbot, or by integrating your existing chatbot with our Conversations API.

Made for Automotive

Get inspired about how messaging solutions help car dealerships across the customer journey.

Product Discovery

Make your dealership known as a modern service partner and find new ways to increase car sales with channels like WhatsApp.

  • Click-to-Chat Advertising for WhatsApp on Facebook or Instagram
  • Active marketing and sales outreach for new and used cars via messaging
  • Answer customer requests for new cars via chat
  • Answer availability requests
  • Inform customers about new cars
  • Manage all other sales inquiries via chat
  • Handle appointment bookings via chat

Purchase & Delivery

Guide your customers from the moment before they even enter your dealership.

  • Allow customer to make test-drive appointments via chat
  • Send reminders
  • Send updates on car repairs / service
  • Send invoices and billing notifications
  • Send delivery updates for new cars and schedule the delivery to the customer

Customer Retention

Support your customers and increase loyalty by reminding them about your outstanding service.

  • Reminders for tire changes
  • Service updates
  • Customer reminders on car checks
  • Feedback and Loyalty programs
  • Customer Support and FAQ chatbots
  • Updates on car leasing and financing
  • Send customers helpful information
  • Handle incoming mobility insurance requests and break-down repairs

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