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Do you know that WeChat has 1 billion plus users across the globe? It’s a phenomenal medium to reach Chinese or Asian-American audience.

WeChat is not merely a mobile messaging or social application; rather a lifestyle application which enables users to utilize it for a variety of purposes, ranging from live chats, location-based services, video calling, payment system etc. Moreover, it allow users to connect with friends and relatives, or contact prospective customers, get geo-fueled news feeds to stay in touch with users near retail location, obtain real time feedback etc. It is an outstanding distribution channel to propel brand message and create online buzz.

WeChat works really well for one to one communication, like a CRM tool. It facilitates trouble-free conversation between brands and users.  It provides 360-degree interactive benefits.  In addition, its elegant features such as imbedded account, modifiable mini-sites, QR code scanning etc. provide a whole new level of brand engagement and create an organic feeling in users for the rest of the service experience. Besides, it has other integrated features that allow users to play mini-games, to participate to contests and issue coupons etc.

Do you know?

  • Launched in the year 2011
  • 1.1 billion Registered users; out of those, 650 million are "active users".
  • 45.4% user are between the age of 18 to 25years old and 40.8% in between 26 to 35 years.
  • 64.3% users are male and 35.7% are female.
  • 21% of users prefer shopping through WeChat.
  • 18.9 percent of WeChat users followed brand channels
  • Almost 80 percent of WeChat users follow official accounts.
  • Average time spent per-day 40 minutes.

Apparently WeChat is NOT just a messaging app, however it is more of a platform, a portal, or even it can be called a mobile operating system. WeChat has many interesting features, which can pull off commendable marketing strategies for brands worldwide totally through smartphones. Most fascinating aspect of WeChat is that it offer more functionality due to which the average revenue per user or ARPU is estimated to be $7 USD (at least). This number is 7 times more than WhatsApp. WeChat functions from cradle to crave; call a taxi, buy movie tickets, play games, order food, pay bill, read news, take doctor appointment, send money and what not. All facilities in single it can be used for almost everything.

It’s ARPU magic lie on modes operandi. It offers more functionality. Along with its basic communication features, WeChat users in China can access services to hail a taxi, order food delivery, buy movie tickets, play casual games, check in for a flight, send money to friends, access fitness tracker data, book a doctor appointment, get banking statements, pay the water bill, find geo-targeted coupons, recognize music, search for a book at the local library, meet strangers around you, follow celebrity news, read magazine articles, and even donate to charity … all in this single integrated app.

Brands’ success stories:

Burberry is a proud user of WeChat. In order to expand its reach, they used WeChat to run its ‘Art of the Trench’ campaign. They sent details to users about ‘celebrities attending the show, event image. Furthermore, they utilized WeChat to promote a ‘social event’ of opening ceremony of new store in Shanghai. To promote this event, they ran a 5 day competition where they offer free store opening entry tickets, which was a gigantic success.

Starbucks did an amazing campaign with WeChat, where they sent songs to users as per their mood. By the end of the campaign, they drummed up more than 62000 fan and received 20,000 plus messages per-day.

Pepsi ran a successful ‘Bring Happiness Home’ campaign with the help of WeChat for New Year greetings to its customers.

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