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A unique project from Dataslices designed specially for Radio stations. The product provides a better communication experience for your radio listeners & helps advertisers to reach the local audiences.

A next generation marketing system developed by Dataslices enables transmission of any content (text, image, animation, audio, video) to any Bluetooth enabled device (Mobile Phone, Laptop)

Dataslices offers advanced SMS platforms such as SMS Gateway, SMPP Server, HTTP Server, SMS Reseller Panel, SMS Desktop application & SMS Plug-Ins for third party applications such as Outlook...

We have developed one unique product for all your messaging needs, capable of running any kind of SMS application like automated text message alerts on any event for clients, staff & students.

Use our SMS Databank product & reach right audience for your business. We collect most accurate middle east business data from various sources & our system keeps it updated all the time.

A leading independent source of Email marketing data & digital messaging needs such as email campaigns & social media campaigns. Use it to reach your right audiences for your newsletters & advertising.

Lead generation is a marketing process of exploring and capturing prospect customers for a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline.

Dataslices provides you with the most trusted and reliable online platform to track all your online/ digital marketing campaigns, for instance, re-targeting...

Turn your employees & targeted customers into your social media agents to expand your reach by spreading the word in their social circle.

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