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Modern Security Solutions

Modern security solutions are based on IT and often require a level of integration with your existing IT infrastructure. Therefore, providing security solutions is now a comprehensive and key service that we offer.

In other words, IT Dataslices Solutions will use our extensive skills and experience in IT as well as our knowledge of IT products to develop a security solution that meets your budget and delivers on the needs of your business. Feel free to contact us on phoneemail or through our online inquiry form.

Comprehensive Security services include


We use the latest CCTV technologies from leading brands to provide coverage in key areas of your business. This includes inside and outside with cameras that work in any lighting conditions. We also offer recording facilities where copies of CCTV videos can be kept for however long you need. The solutions we offer also give you remote access to the CCTV system, plus we fully configure and optimise the setup.

Access control

Our access control solutions mean you can move away from old and inefficient key-based access systems. Our solutions include keypad entry, fobs, and entry systems that read biometric data such as fingerprints or retinas. We even have solutions that let you give temporary access to individuals.

Door/gate entry systems

Our door and gate entry systems let you see and talk to the individual before you allow them to come in.

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